Writing and Speech-Writing Services


A proficient and flexible writer, J. B. Staniforth believes in the value of precise, vigorous language. With experience preparing texts ranging from newsletters, brochures, reports, and websites to magazine articles, correspondence, and speeches, he is well-suited for a wide variety of writing projects. He writes comfortably in diverse tones and styles, and strives always to provide documents that express the information clients wish to communicate in the manner they want it conveyed.

Speech Writing

J. B. Staniforth has written and/or edited speeches and speaking notes for:

  • Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest,
  • Former Quebec Minister of Economic Development ClĂ©ment Gignac,
  • McGill University's former Principal Heather Munroe-Blum,
  • McGill Vice-principal Marc Weinstein,
  • Former Chair of McGill's Board of Governors/President of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Robert Rabinovitch, and
  • Former McGill University Vice-chancellor and Vice-president of the International Olympic Committee Richard "Dick" Pound.
Additionally, he has provided speeches and speaking notes to the deans of most McGill faculties, various distinguished McGill alumni speaking at University events, and major donors to the University's historic $750-million Campaign McGill.

As a speechwriter, J. B. Staniforth has designed addresses to meet the needs and match the tone of a wide variety of occasions around Montreal, Quebec, and the world. These have ranged from formal business events to dinner gatherings, and from high-school commencements to civic events and weddings. His talent in writing speeches lies in understanding the voice and speaking style of the individuals for whom the speeches are prepared and providing points, notes, or complete speeches that speakers can deliver naturally and with ease. A speech need not be written by the speaker to be given from the heart, but it must be written by someone who understands the speaker's intentions and feelings. J. B. Staniforth has forged a reputation for matchless speech writing in that understanding.

The late Dr. David Colman, former Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute, said of a speech J. B. Staniforth prepared for him, "You did a great job! And I am NOT easy to impress. I will always provide a reference for you should you need one."


Working as a copywriter since 2009, J. B. Staniforth has written and edited the content of nearly 100 promotional websites for clients ranging from locally owned businesses to campaigns for international brands. He has also written and edited packaging and advertising copy for a wide array of merchandise. Because of his flexibility as a writer, he can effortlessly adopt whatever style and vocabulary clients would like to see represent their products. Whether you want vibrant, exciting copy, or more sedate and informative content, J. B. Staniforth can supply the copywriting you require.

Plain-language Writing

The public requires writing that many different types of people can read. Plain-language writing meets that need. Using short sentences, direct ideas, plain words, and active verbs, J. B. Staniforth provides plain-language writing that's clear to all kinds of readers. He brings out the basic meaning in sentences and paragraphs by simplifying them and highlighting the important information. When writing for the greater public, J. B. Staniforth is committed to using plain language that everyone can understand.