Business English

The majority of J. B. Staniforth's 2,500 hours of ESL teaching have centred on the needs and concerns of businesspeople. As a result, he can meet the specific demands of business-English learners, whether they require an understanding of the vocabulary of business practice or the style of written business communications.

English Training Services

Since 2003, J. B. Staniforth has given thousands of hours of English instruction. Whether teaching ESL, grammar, and business-writing skills to Montreal professionals, or teaching literature and composition to CEGEP students at Montreal's Vanier and John Abbott Colleges, his lessons have discussed, explored, and explained virtually every facet of the English language to nearly every kind of learner. In particular, because of Montreal's unique linguistic background, he has developed a specialty in teaching English to mother-tongue Francophones and other French-speakers.

ESL Instruction for Students from Beginner to Advanced

Having worked with hundreds of students at all levels of experience and proficiency, J. B. Staniforth can provide students the instruction they need at the level they need it. For students speaking their first words in English and those trying to work through the complexities of subordinate adverb and adjective clauses alike, he illuminates the rules and structure of English clearly and effectively.

Writing Skills for Anglophones

With extensive experience teaching the fundamentals of English writing to mother-tongue English speakers, J. B. Staniforth also offers writing instruction to those Anglophones who would like to improve their proficiency in written communications.